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A relationship that’s more than ten years and eight million square feet strong.

Rooftop terrace with modern outdoor furniture set against a panoramic skyline view. Patrons enjoy a communal dining experience amidst lush potted plants, under the warm glow of the afternoon sun. Glass balustrades provide an unobstructed urban vista, merging indoor luxury with the grandeur of cityscape.

For over a decade, HLW has provided Google with design services that push the boundaries and establish new precedents for ultramodern, human-centric workplaces. In addition to Google’s three-million-square-foot, Northeast regional headquarters in Manhattan, we have designed numerous smaller offices, creative production suites, and laboratories. We’ve also had a hand in designing the amenity spaces that Google has become renowned for, including wellness and fitness studios, healthful cafeterias, and inspiring outdoor spaces. Through this rich relationship, we have learned how to grow and innovate within a context of rapidly developing technology, workplace norms, and design aesthetics.

More than 8 million square feet of spaces designed around the world.

Extraordinary achievements in sustainability, including a Living Building Challenge Petal certification.

Bold, colorful art and design that has come to define Google's easily recognizable look.

Spacious modern office lounge with floor-to-ceiling windows providing ample natural light. Mixture of casual and formal seating areas with contemporary furniture. Accented by a living green wall, eclectic light fixtures, and colorful art, fostering a creative and collaborative atmosphere. Two individuals converse near a coffee table.
Vertical garden flanks a glass-walled interior space with a floating concrete staircase. Exposed ceiling ducts contrast with plush seating and warm wood tones, promoting a blend of industrial and organic design elements.
Modern office space blending natural light with greenery. Features a minimalist desk setup against marble walls, with employees working in communal zones that foster collaboration. Transparent partitions enhance openness, while plants add a biophilic touch to the sleek, contemporary environment.
Interior, open plan office space with lots of lush green plants
Google, New York, NY