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Infusing the essence of Subway's fresh fare into every workspace, HLW creates environments where wellness thrives.


HLW has designed vibrant and functional workspaces for Subway, setting a new standard in corporate headquarters with projects in Miami and Shelton, Connecticut. These spaces are not just offices but environments that reflect Subway’s brand identity and commitment to innovation and employee well-being.

In Miami, the design draws inspiration from the city’s vernacular architecture while simultaneously integrating best contemporary workplace design practices, creating a lively and collaborative atmosphere. The headquarters boast specialized areas for innovation and health, alongside workspaces that encourage creativity and productivity.

The Shelton office continues this theme, offering a modern, open layout with a focus on sustainability and employee experience. An abundance of biophilic elements highlight Subway’s focus on employee wellness, while the test kitchen keeps Subway at the forefront of providing the best quality of healthy fast casual food to its millions of customers worldwide.

Together, these headquarters showcase HLW’s ability to merge brand identity with functional design, creating spaces that support Subway’s global operations while fostering a strong, cohesive corporate culture. Through innovative design and strategic branding, HLW has enhanced Subway’s workplace environment, emphasizing the brand’s global presence and forward-thinking ethos.

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