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Winston & Strawn LLP

What began as a single, 45,000-square-foot project has turned into collaboration that spans two continents.

Winston Strawn, London, UK

HLW has significantly influenced the workplace design for Winston & Strawn, facilitating the firm’s transition into modern, bespoke office environments that support agile and open-plan working. Initially, HLW was tasked with strategizing and designing a pilot floor in their New York office to explore more open, transparent workplace typologies along with enhanced amenity offerings. This 45,000 square foot space served as a test bed to gauge employee adaptation to innovative work environments. Following the successful implementation and positive reception of the pilot, HLW was commissioned to continue with the redesign and renovation of additional floors at the firm’s headquarters. The strategy was further applied to new office developments in Washington D.C. and London, ensuring consistency in fostering a culture of well-being, business efficiency, and advanced technological integration across their global offices.

Following the pilot's success, Winston & Strawn replicated the design strategy in their Washington, D.C. and London offices.

Workspaces that promote well-being and integrate advanced technology to support the firm's operations and culture globally.

Modern office lounge with geometric acoustic ceiling panels, pendant lighting, and a mix of wooden elements and textured upholstered seating, fostering a contemporary and inviting ambiance.
Modern office cafeteria with geometric black and white tiled floor, exposed undulating ceiling structure, and pendant lighting. Communal wooden tables with red chairs accent the space, framed by large windows overlooking an urban skyline.
Modern office lounge area featuring sleek, circular overhead lighting, a grey-toned upholstered seating arrangement, and large windows providing ample natural light against an urban backdrop. The space promotes collaboration with a central white round table and dark chairs.
Modern reception area highlighted by a cluster of spherical, dual-toned pendant lights, with an individual seated in a sculptural armchair, reading. Behind a glowing front desk, the muted tones and textures complement the space's warm ambience. A geometric artwork anchors the wall, harmonizing with the interior's sophistication.
Winston & Strawn London
Modern open-plan office with large windows offering a panoramic city view, featuring an eclectic mix of informal seating arrangements, pendant lighting, greenery, and a multifunctional island with integrated cabinetry. The interior combines functionality with a welcoming atmosphere through its use of natural light and contemporary furnishings.
Modern office lounge with a warm wooden slat wall, complemented by sleek hanging pendant lights. A digital welcome sign adds a corporate flair, while plush green ottomans offer casual seating, beside a tidy kitchenette with a beverage fridge.

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