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2023 Staff Promotions

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A joyous moment in a corporate office setting as two colleagues embrace in a congratulatory hug with a backdrop of applauding team members and a presentation screen, capturing the essence of professional recognition and team spirit.

Jonce Walker is promoted to Principal.

Jonce Walker’s dedication to sustainability, business development, and the general betterment of HLW is, in a word, tireless. Jonce raises BEYOND’s and HLW’s profile via regular speaking engagements, and his unique approach to business development includes not only going after projects we win but also after projects we do not win successfully. He has repositioned our sustainability practice in the two-and-a-half years he has been with us and made us a formidable competitor in this space. His passion and dedication to his profession and HLW shows in everything he does. Jonce embodies our 6th rule of thumb ‘understand the impact’ to a T, and for this reason he is being promoted to Principal.

Joacha Sullivan is promoted to Associate Principal.

Over the years at HLW, Joacha has become an integral part of the California office. She has evolved from a project manager and licensed architect in both NY and CA to a mentor and a well-respected professional within the office and outside with clients, consultants, and contractors. Joacha is a natural leader and has recently taken on the role of the interior’s studio director. Her leadership skills have been evident in her role leading a sizeable new team for the YouTube HQ interiors project in San Bruno. She has proven that she has the knowledge, experience, and demeanor to hold her own in any environment and is a true champion of HLW. Joacha clearly ‘understands the impact’ of HLW’s work and conveys that to peers and clients alike for a wholistic project outcome. We look forward to Joacha’s contributions to business development in her new role as Associate Principal as we continue grow the CA office.

Additional Promotions

Senior Associate

Lisa Calick, Jason Cosme, Arris Finkbeiner, Tracey Frost, Victor Kung, JoAnn Longobardi, Carolina Madrigal, Natalie Mammarella, Tyler O’Rielley, Xiaoxuan Peng.


Ricardo Amaya, Gina Delia, George DiChiaro, John DiCostanzo, Steve Dulberg, John Miguel Francisco, Emmy Funk, Julien Gonzalez, Jianan (Eleanor) Kang, Bharti Kodnani, Liam Li, Aarti Mann, Jess Marshall, Anjali Mathai, Kristina Michelsen, Sohee Moon, Lev Nagdimov, Brian Nelson, Ani Nguyen, Riya Patel, Karishma Patel, Rachelle Respicio, Xiali Shi, Jessamy Topping, Neo Tran, Junrui Wang.

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