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A Spooktacular Decade: HLWeen Turns 10!

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Photography by Dominic Martin | Follow me on Instagram:


Halloween is here! You know what that means…

The (zombified) gang’s all here at the 2022 HLWeen party, where our theme was “Zombie Pop Art.” Photography by Dominic Martin.

The HLWeen party is almost upon us!

HLW’s London office is celebrating a remarkable milestone as they reach the 10-year anniversary of the annual bash. Since 2013, this event has been much anticipated and much loved in London’s architecture and design community, drawing in a diverse crowd that includes HLW staff, fellow designers from various firms, valued clients, and vendors. It regularly attracts between 100 and 200 revelers, who come for festivities like the costume contest and coordinated dances, as well as fang-tastic food, beverages, and vibes.

“From the very beginning, our aim was to create an event that stood out from the crowd, offering something distinct from the industry’s typical gatherings or those of other firms,” explains HLW’s U.K. Marketing Manager Tracey Frost. “Each year since, we’ve had a blast coming up with new themes and seeing what our wonderfully creative colleagues devise in response. Now that the worst of the pandemic is behind us, we are thrilled to rekindle the magic of our Halloween gathering.”

While we eagerly await this year’s extravaganza, here’s a look back at ten years of ghouls, ghosts, sirens, zombies, creeps, and more!

Our HLWeen party is our way of saying a huge thank you to our clients and colleagues for their dedication, hard work, and support over the past year, while bringing the industry together in an informal and unusual way. We really appreciate the effort that our guests go to and the energy that they bring to the occasion. We look forward to seeing everyone very soon!