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HLW Explores the Future of Design for Thriving and Resilience

Author HLW Staff

Tags Insight

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted our normal way of life in the recent months, we decided to take a step back and explore ways that we – as a firm of designers, strategists, and researchers – could aggregate our ideas for shaping the future of our cities, office buildings, and other features of the built environment. We believe that this experience from recent months will result in some durable changes that will improve people’s lives and increase the resilience of cities, communities, organizations, and other institutions.

We have collected our ideas and made them available here: FRAME WORKS. Furthermore, we have written a supplemental article for the Harvard Business Review, which outlines our specific thoughts about the future of the workplace and its relationship to the city.

We hope you will join us in bringing these ideas to fruition and making them a reality.

HLW team: Peter Bacevice, PhD, Director of Research; John Mack, AIA, FIIDA, Senior Partner; Pantea Tehrani, Design Director; and Chanel Dehond, Visual Storyteller.