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The image shows a woman with shoulder-length blonde hair and a warm smile, wearing a white blouse and a navy blue cardigan. The soft-focus background suggests a bright and spacious interior, possibly an office or gallery space.

Abby Le Marchand


Job Title: Design Director


Abby is a dynamic Associate Principal at HLW with 12 years of dedicated service. Beginning her career as a designer, she has risen through the ranks due to her passion for design, hard work, keen attention to detail, and a relentless pursuit of creative solutions for our clients. She finds joy in the journey of exploration and ideation and thrives in environments that foster innovation, collaboration, and experimentation. Abby excels in navigating complex projects and guiding clients through the larger vision, ensuring every detail aligns with their goals. Her extensive experience includes working on Google’s Gradient Canopy campus, a project that has allowed her to deeply engage with cutting-edge ideas in sustainability and wellness, propelled by a client known for pushing the boundaries of workplace design.