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A professional portrait of a man with graying hair, a mustache, and beard standing confidently in an office environment. He's wearing blue-rimmed glasses, a mustard-colored shirt, and a brown checkered blazer, giving off a look of experienced leadership.

Andrew Mangan

Job Title: QMS Director


Andrew Mangan, AIA, LEED AP, DSA-IOR is a Senior Project Architect with more than 20 years of experience in the design and construction of a variety of projects. He is a team player with strong interpersonal, communication, graphic design, and presentation skills. Andrew is capable of managing teams of designers and coordinating complex construction projects.


All Work
Spacious dining area with floor-to-ceiling glass walls, overlooking a vibrant vertical garden. Sleek furniture contrasts with lush greenery, under soft, ambient lighting for a natural, contemporary atmosphere.

9000 Wilshire

Beverly Hills, CA

West End

Los Angeles, CA

Modern commercial architecture featuring a modular building design with white corrugated metal exteriors. Landscaped green roof terraces and external staircases complement the urban backdrop, enhancing sustainability and communal space.

The Depot

Los Angeles, CA

Rooftop terrace features modular seating and lush plantings, optimizing urban space with a green area and walkways, amidst a backdrop of cityscape and palm trees.

The Dairy

Los Angeles, CA