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A smiling woman with shoulder-length dark hair poses for a professional portrait. She is wearing large black-framed glasses, a black blouse with a small white pattern, and small hoop earrings, conveying a friendly and approachable demeanor.

Joacha Sullivan

Job Title: Associate Principal, Interiors Studio Director


Joacha Sullivan, NCARB, LEED AP has 20 years of experience in architecture and interior design, with a particular focus on office buildouts and adaptive reuse projects. Clients have described her as a project leader with extraordinary attentiveness and a knack for creative problem solving.


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Exposed ceilings and industrial lighting fixtures give this modern lounge area a spacious yet inviting ambiance. Wooden accents, including reclaimed wood wall cladding and ceiling beams, harmonize with the metalwork. Geometric furniture pieces, in a mix of vibrant and muted tones, provide functional seating while contributing to the dynamic aesthetic. An expansive chalk mural acts as a focal point, softening the industrial elements with organic lines.

YouTube Playa Vista

Playa Vista, CA

A sleek, modern office corridor featuring warm wooden panels and recessed ceiling lights; signage for 'McKinsey & Company' adorns a door, while a motion blur of a person adds dynamism to the composed setting.

McKinsey Los Angeles

Century City, CA

Twilight bathes the façade of the Georgian Hotel, a symmetrical three-story building with a flat roof and a teal stucco exterior. It features contrasting white stone trim, decorative ironwork, and neon signage. The entrance is marked by a black and white striped awning, matching balcony canopies, and flanked by lush greenery.

The Georgian

Santa Monica, CA