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A professional portrait of a woman with long, straight blonde hair, smiling gently at the camera. She is wearing a beige blazer over a black top, and her relaxed yet confident pose in an office setting suggests experience and authority.

Louise Sharp

Job Title: Principal

Expertise: Technology


Louise Sharp, LEED AP, is a Principal at HLW, where she leads the interior architectural design practice for the Los Angeles office. Since joining HLW in 2010, Louise has designed over one-and-a-half million square feet of creative workplaces across the globe. Her broad experience across various cultures and places informs her meticulous design strategy, emphasizing innovative placemaking concepts. Fueled by a desire to forge environments that are both meaningful and functional, Louise excels in collaborating with pioneering clients to tackle the latest challenges in workplace design, inspiring her to constantly seek out novel and boundary-pushing design solutions.


All Work

Belkin International

El Segundo, CA

Modern office lobby with a minimalist reception desk, flanked by two white chairs. Vibrant magenta glass panels create a dynamic backdrop, while sleek, geometric light fixtures add a contemporary touch overhead. The design fosters an airy and welcoming atmosphere.


Santa Monica, CA

Modern office reception area blending organic and industrial motifs, with a curved wood-paneled desk, sleek pendant lighting, exposed ceiling features, and a monogram logo accent wall. Brickwork adds texture while the adjacent conference room showcases sleek, transparent partitions.


Los Angeles, CA

Modern office space with a central oval table surrounded by tan leather chairs. Employees engage in discussion, a dog rests nearby. Glass partitions and an exposed ceiling with hanging linear lights create an open and collaborative environment. Coastal vista visible through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Procore Technologies

Carpinteria, CA