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Pendrick Brown

Job Title: Principal, Managing Director of London

Expertise: Legal


Pendrick Brown is a Principal, Legal Sector Leader, and the Managing Director of HLW’s London office. With more than 20 years of experience, Pendrick brings a wealth of knowledge to the London office. His work with both UK-based and international law firms has equipped him with a comprehensive grasp of the distinct dynamics necessary for the successful execution of these projects. In addition to legal sector work, Pendrick manages a sweeping portfolio in the developer and landlord, technology and financial sectors. Pendrick plays a pivotal role in guiding project teams to grasp the key objectives and priorities of landlords and developers. He ensures these priorities are seamlessly integrated with the project’s commercial and aesthetic design requirements, achieving a balance that meets both practical and visual standards.


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Modern open-plan office space with floor-to-ceiling windows offering cityscape views. Features include a large bookshelf, collaborative workstations, a green wall divider, and exposed ceiling beams, fostering a blend of industrial and biophilic design elements.

Lewis Silkin

London, UK

Modern office interior featuring a sculptural wooden staircase with layered steps, surrounded by casual seating areas, potted plants, and sleek, contemporary furniture. Natural light enhances the warm wood tones and open-concept layout, promoting a collaborative and inviting atmosphere.

Julius Baer

London, UK

Modern corporate lobby with a curved, sleek reception desk, ambient lighting from a circular ceiling feature, and wood-paneled walls. Comfortable seating areas and large screen display enhance the welcoming atmosphere.

Peel Hunt

London, UK

Modern office reception area with a warm-toned wooden accent wall featuring a company logo, flanked by sleek, minimalist workstations and punctuated by a large, oval pendant light. Staff engage with visitors against the backdrop of a contemporary digital display.


London, UK