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Stephen Magee


Job Title: Delivery & Design Technology Director – London


Stephen Magee operates at the intersection of Project Delivery and Design Technology, striving to improve quality and efficiency through a unique working perspective of these disciplines.

He plays a crucial role in galvanizing the Global Technology and Delivery teams which together pioneer advanced technological applications. As an expert in BIM and computation, Stephen leverages these tools to enhance project outcomes, providing stakeholders with the necessary insights and resources to efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings. With extensive experience in Technical Delivery, Stephen oversees projects from initial basebuild monitoring to final completion on site.

His expertise in Category B projects spans collaborations with WTW, leading global tech giants and sports brands, Dechert and Ninety One. Category A landlord project experience covers notable locations such as 99 Bishopsgate, 47 Tooley Street and 15 Copthall Avenue.


All Work
Modern corporate lobby with a curved, sleek reception desk, ambient lighting from a circular ceiling feature, and wood-paneled walls. Comfortable seating areas and large screen display enhance the welcoming atmosphere.

Peel Hunt

London, UK

Sleek automotive showroom interior featuring exposed concrete walls and a polished floor reflecting a luxury car centerpiece. Red-framed glass doors add a vibrant contrast, while strategic lighting accentuates the modern, minimalist design. Staff and potential customers populate the space, enhancing the upscale atmosphere.

London Showroom

London, UK

Modern office lobby with a curved wooden reception desk. Marble flooring transitions to a wooden passageway framed by elegant vertical wooden slats. Ambient lighting accentuates the smooth, natural materials and open, welcoming space.

Ninety One London

London, UK

Bright, modern office reception area with a contemporary design featuring an illuminated logo on textured black wall, angular front desk, wood slat ceiling details, and vibrant green seating accents, fostering a dynamic and welcoming environment. London

London, UK