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Financial Client Executive Suite

By blending state-of-the-art technology and functionality, we modernized this historic executive suite.

Size 15,900 sf

Location New York, NY

Services Architecture, Interior Design, Strategy

Sectors Financial, Workplace

Collection Financial Client

We collaborated with New York Life to both modernize and restore the historic 13th-floor executive suite of this landmarked building on Madison Avenue, improving technology, ventilation, and overall functionality while preserving the craftsmanship of the original Cass Gilbert interior. The project involved cataloging, removing, restoring, and reinstalling eighteen-foot-high wood paneling, along with producing matching panels, doors, molding, and hardware for damaged or modified areas. Additionally, a significant parallel project added a large terrace above, requiring reinforced steel across the ceiling below. By stripping away past renovations and integrating new systems, the project seamlessly married historical elegance with modern functionality, revitalizing a distinctive, period space for executive use.

Restoration of original Cass Gilbert interiors, maintaining historical integrity while enhancing the space.

Integration of modern technology and systems to ensure contemporary functionality.

Construction of a new terrace, involving structural reinforcement that complements the suite’s architectural heritage.