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Financial Services Firm London

This London workplace takes inspiration from the elegant Georgian and Neo-Georgian architecture of Westminster’s St. James Square.

Size 7,100 sf

Location London, UK

Services Interior Design

Sectors Financial, Workplace

A modern office environment featuring a seamless integration of glass and dark wooden frames that create transparent and enclosed spaces. A meeting room on the left is visible through the glass, while an individual works at a circular table in the central area. Natural light from windows highlights the clean, contemporary design, emphasized by minimalist furniture and neutral tones. This design promotes both privacy and connectivity, suitable for collaborative and individual work settings.

For this financial client’s London location, HLW designed a workspace inspired by the elegance of St. James Square townhouse, but tailored to the relentless pace of a 24/7 financial enterprise. With meticulous attention to detail, the spaces were created to be flexible, accommodating both small groups and future expansion. HLW’s London team managed the project closely with the US-based client, ensuring timely completion without a local project manager, a testament to the firm’s commitment to seamless communication and effective project management. This design not only provides a functional space for the client but does so with an aesthetic that reflects the company’s stature and aspirations.

Tailored design that combines the luxury of a Neo-Georgian townhouse with functional needs of a financial firm.

An expansive and curated art collection elevates the space with an upscale residential feel.

Successful project execution under tight timelines, emphasizing HLW's effective direct communication and management.

A modern office kitchenette, elegantly designed with a blend of natural wood and marble finishes. Two professionals are engaged in conversation by the countertop, which is set against a striking marble backsplash adorned with abstract black and white patterns. The space is accentuated by minimalist black cabinetry and a wooden archway framing the entrance. Soft lighting and a small plant add a welcoming touch, while a beverage fridge provides functionality, enhancing the comfort and usability of the area.