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Minimalist office lobby featuring a sleek white marble reception desk, warm wooden wall panels, and a cozy seating area with a leather armchair, complemented by natural greenery and expansive city views through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Financial Services Firm New York

A Harmonious Blend of Innovation and Continuity

Size 20,000 sf

Location Hudson Yards, NY

Services Architecture, Interior Design

Sectors Financial, Workplace

Modern office space featuring a fluid layout with curved walls and open workstations. Wooden accents on the ceiling complement the neutral color palette, while ergonomic furniture and greenery add comfort and vitality. Natural light enhances the warm and inviting professional environment.

This new Hudson Yards office showcases innovative design and strategic solutions, featuring various workspaces like open-plan offices, private offices, and a terrace. The challenge was to maintain continuity with existing design elements while accommodating a dense program. Soft corners, a signature from other floors, were reinterpreted. Integrating a compliance suite into the terrace without disrupting circulation was achieved by centralizing beverage services and creating an event-centric space. The project managed a tight schedule by using readily available materials and pre-purchasing specialty items. Durable plaster walls and specialty stone reception desks add unique touches, while sustainability is upheld through non-off-gassing materials and plantings. Offering stunning views, the design reflects the client’s global standards seen in their other offices.

New Hudson Yards office integrates preserves design continuity and promotes both collaboration and privacy.

Durable plaster walls, specialty stone reception desks, and sustainable, non-off-gassing materials highlight client's commitment to aesthetic excellence and environmental responsibility.

Elegant cafe interior featuring curved dark blue banquettes and warm wooden wall panels with circular cutouts and backlit accents. A gentleman in a grey suit works at a round table, highlighting the space's modern yet inviting ambiance.
Modern office space with floor-to-ceiling glass partitions maximizing natural light. The interior showcases minimalistic furniture, neutral tones, and accent lighting, blending functionality with a contemporary aesthetic. Reflections hint at a high-rise setting, indicating an urban context for this professional environment.
Modern office meeting room with a wooden table, leather chairs, frosted glass partitions, and wooden floor. A flat-screen monitor is mounted on the wall, and two professionals are in discussion, embodying a collaborative workspace aesthetic.
Elevated outdoor terrace with contemporary furniture, including plush sofas and wooden tables, offering a panoramic view of a city skyline. The design integrates natural elements, such as potted plants, to enhance the urban setting with greenery. The reflective glass facade amplifies natural light and skyline vistas.
Modern open-plan office kitchenette and break area blending natural wood tones with stainless steel appliances, accented by a geometric wooden slat ceiling design. Ample daylight filters in through floor-to-ceiling windows, enhancing the blue seating and white countertops. A professional ambiance is sustained with clean lines and minimalist decor.
Modern office space featuring sleek glass partitions with frosted geometric patterns, navy blue armchairs, light wood flooring, and potted greenery enhancing a warm yet corporate atmosphere.