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Modern office space featuring a workstation with multiple computer monitors, sleek black swivel chairs, and overhead linear lighting. The back wall is adorned with wood paneling and monitors displaying graphs, flanked by vibrant floral arrangements.

Financial Services Firm Stamford

A ground-up facility for a financial client’s Stamford staff provides employees with efficient and innovative workspace, plus additional amenities and perks.

Size 29,000 sf

Location Stamford, CT

Services Architecture, Interior Design, Lighting

Sectors Financial, Workplace

Modern office space featuring sleek, linear lighting overhead, modular workstations with wood panel dividers, ergonomic chairs, and thoughtful incorporation of greenery enhancing the workspace environment.

HLW collaborated with an Asset Management client to plan and construct a facility for approximately 500 staff members. The project required demolishing the existing structure and constructing a new two-story building with modern architectural and interior design features. The ground level houses a comprehensive training center, while the second floor provides general office space, optimizing the use of vertical space and enhancing workplace functionality. Additionally, the building includes underground parking and associated site work, improving accessibility and aesthetics.

Efficient use of space with training facilities on the ground floor and office space above.

Integration of underground parking to maximize the utility and appearance of the site.

Modern conference room with natural wood paneling, ambient lighting, a sleek rectangular table, and ergonomic chairs. Equipped with audio-visual technology for presentations, the space balances function and style, fostering a collaborative working environment.
Modern office breakout area featuring cobalt blue walls, warm wood accents, and integrated lighting. Mustard-toned, tufted seating complements the space while professionals engage in focused work at individual tables.
Modern office lounge with slatted wood ceiling and ambient globe lighting, complemented by mid-century-inspired furnishings, against a plant-filled window backdrop and textured dark wall accents.
A modern office corridor with clear glass partition walls, light wooden flooring, and contemporary art on the right wall. A person walks past the semi-transparent meeting rooms, illustrating a blend of openness and privacy in the design.
Point72, Stamford, CT
Modern hallway in a corporate building featuring sleek wooden floors, white walls, and expansive windows that infuse the space with natural light. A prominent, colorful abstract painting adds a vibrant focal point, while minimalist furniture provides functional seating areas for brief interactions.
Contemporary office building exterior with expansive glass facade and metal cladding, featuring an outdoor seating area with shaded tables and landscaped greenery under clear skies.