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Modern architectural exterior featuring a juxtaposition of sleek, reflective glass and matte stone finishes. Angled rooflines and a mix of vertical windows create a dynamic facade, with landscaped greenery complementing the structure's geometric precision.

Hofstra University Zucker School of Medicine

How a former New York Jets’ training facility became Hofstra University's School of Medicine.

Size 63,143 sf

Location Hempstead, NY

Services Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape, Sustainability

Sectors Education, Life Sciences

Collection Hofstra University

Modern architectural exterior featuring a large glass facade with metal detailing, flanked by brick walls under a clear sky. People walk across the spacious, stone-paved forecourt, highlighting the building's approachability and urban integration.

Nearly a decade of partnership with Hofstra University culminated in HLW’s transformation of a former New York Jets’ training facility into a state-of-the-art School of Medicine. Winning a design competition, HLW not only renovated the existing structure but also designed a new adjoining building, making the facility a permanent addition to the campus. The expansion includes an enlarged structural anatomy lab, additional faculty offices, a new lecture hall, and classrooms. The design fosters a collaborative educational model with indoor and outdoor gathering spaces, organized around a “Main Street” corridor to encourage faculty-student interactions. Faculty offices are centered around an open lounge to promote accessibility and informal engagement.

Transformation of a former sports facility into a cutting-edge medical school.

Seamless integration of old and new structures to form a unified educational environment.

Creation of collaborative spaces designed to enhance interaction and learning.

Skylight illuminates a modern hallway with sleek lines and warm wooden floors, juxtaposed against cool-hued walls and minimalist office furniture, accentuating the architectural interplay of light and space.
Bright, expansive lobby featuring a minimalist design with clean lines, a neutral color palette dominated by whites and grays, and abundant natural light. A central stairway anchors the space, flanked by sleek metal handrails and complemented by a subtle wood accent wall, promoting a contemporary and elegant aesthetic.
Spacious, modern medical laboratory interior with stainless steel autopsy tables, overhead surgical lights, and multiple computer stations. A human skeleton model stands on the right, with a large monitor displaying a cellular image in the background, reflecting a practical educational environment.