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Modern open-plan office space with floor-to-ceiling windows offering cityscape views. Features include a large bookshelf, collaborative workstations, a green wall divider, and exposed ceiling beams, fostering a blend of industrial and biophilic design elements.
Open-plan office space with natural light, featuring a mix of standing and seated workstations, minimalist furniture, and indoor greenery, overlooking an urban skyline. Vertical slats partition the area while preserving a sense of openness.

Lewis Silkin

A legal workplace that prioritizes wellbeing and community aims to bring top talent in.

Size 25,000 sf

Location London, UK

Services Interior Design, Strategy

Sectors Ark, Legal, Workplace

Specialty Studios Ark

Modern open-concept office space featuring a man seated on a cushioned bench with a laptop, flanked by lush greenery and privacy panels, under warm pendant lighting with industrial ceiling elements.

Lewis Silkin, a forward-thinking law firm, envisioned their new London headquarters as a “place for the people” – fostering collaboration, openness, and employee well-being. HLW partnered with Lewis Silkin to develop a new work strategy and design that reflects their brand identity. The resulting space at the Arbor building in Bankside Yard prioritizes staff attraction and retention by offering a vibrant and human-centric environment. Flexible workspaces, coupled with an honest and authentic aesthetic, create a benchmark for the industry and a space that employees, clients, and visitors can be proud of.

Modern office space featuring private blue and terracotta booths with integrated seating and tables, set against paneled walls. Overhead, an exposed ceiling adds an industrial touch, complemented by warm pendant lighting, providing functionality and aesthetic appeal for collaborative work environments.
Modern office kitchen and dining area featuring sleek, navy-blue cabinetry, marble countertops, and stainless-steel appliances, complemented by a central white island. Natural light filters through the expansive windows, while employees casually interact in the dynamic, contemporary space.

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A modern office lobby featuring a recessed ceiling with wooden slats, marble stairs with glass railings, and seating areas with cityscape views.

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Modern office space featuring floor-to-ceiling glass partitions, sleek furnishings, and a neutral color palette. Ambient lighting complements the natural light flooding in from exterior windows, offering views of the urban skyline. Dynamic wood flooring contrasts with the structured ceiling design.

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