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Modern office hallway featuring oversized wall clocks seamlessly integrated into pastoral landscape art, with recessed lighting and a distant collaborative work area.
Modern office hallway featuring oversized wall clocks seamlessly integrated into pastoral landscape art, with recessed lighting and a distant collaborative work area.

Private Wealth and Asset Management Client

A new HQ for a major banking client exudes a smart, sophisticated air.

Size 120,000 sf

Location London, UK

Services Interior Design, Strategy

Sectors Financial, Workplace

Modern office space with floor-to-ceiling windows offering a panoramic city view. Elegantly simple furniture includes plush teal chairs around a minimalist white table, against a backdrop of sleek vertical blinds and an intricate metal screen partition, facilitating an airy, collaborative atmosphere.

HLW has been instrumental in transforming the London offices of a prestigious banking client, helping them transition from outdated facilities to a series of sophisticated workspaces. This extensive refurbishment covers 120,000 square feet across multiple locations, tailored to meet the diverse needs of the organization. For their asset management team, HLW designed a high-end, bespoke environment, while creating lighter, more flexible spaces for the core business teams. These newly designed areas promote a collaborative culture that mirrors the bank’s brand ethos. Each space is strategically planned and designed to not only enhance functionality but also to integrate sustainability and branding elements effectively.

Creation of differentiated spaces tailored to specific team needs, from asset management to core business functions.

Strategic integration of the client’s brand into the design, promoting a cohesive and recognizable workplace identity.

Two professionals confer in an elegantly designed meeting space with dark paneled walls and luxurious textures. A cream sofa with plush cushions, contemporary wall sconces, and a royal blue velvet chair underline the room’s sophisticated color palette and lighting strategy.
Modern office lounge showing a conversation area with a plush white couch, blue privacy panels, wood accents, and sleek wall-mounted sconces providing warm ambient lighting. A person strides through the hallway beyond the cozy seating arrangement.
Open-plan cafe interior featuring a long counter with blue paneling, topped with an array of pastries and fruits. Pendant lights with a warm glow dangle above, and a communal high table occupies the foreground, surrounded by stools. Patrons converse casually by floor-to-ceiling windows offering ample natural light.
Modern corporate boardroom featuring a sleek, rectangular table with high-back chairs, an overhead circular light fixture, wall-mounted screen, and expansive city views through floor-to-ceiling windows. Neutral tones with textured wall panels provide a sophisticated backdrop.
Spacious modern lounge area featuring teal armchairs, a sleek glass coffee table, and an abstract multicolored wall art. Earthy tones blend with the cool color palette under warm lighting, alongside dark wood panels and subtle geometric patterns in the carpet design.
Modern office interior showcasing a harmonious blend of functional workspace and informal meeting area. Vibrant blue wall panels contrast with warm orange chairs, while sleek pendant lights add a contemporary touch above a cozy seating nook. Open-plan desks with ergonomic chairs promote a collaborative environment.