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Modern office space with open-floor design, featuring exposed wooden beams and industrial-style lighting. Streamlined white workstations complement the natural wood accent wall, while vibrant artwork adds a pop of color. Comfortable seating spots encourage collaborative and flexible work arrangements.

Sports Entertainment Client

A Sleek, Brand-Focused Office Space

Size 8,600 sf

Location Stamford, CT

Services Master Planning

Sectors Media & Entertainment

Modern open-plan office space featuring a high ceiling with exposed ductwork, sleek red tables and chairs, private cubicles with gray acoustic panels, and a centralized kitchen area with bar seating, under warm pendant lighting.

HLW reimagined this headquarters space with a design that mirrors the dynamism and boldness of the client’s brand. Tasked with a comprehensive restack, HLW leveraged innovative materials and design strategies to craft an environment that is both angular and sleek, embodying the brands strong, clean aesthetic. The redesign aligns with brand criteria and ideals, creating a fresh yet familiar corporate space. This project not only reinterprets the clients’ physical presence but also strengthens its brand identity through strategic spatial design, establishing a new standard for corporate office environments in the entertainment industry.

Brand-Centric Design.

Innovative Use of Materials: Utilization of cutting-edge materials to refresh the clients’ office environment, aligning with a strong rebranding strategy.

Expert master planning and due diligence by HLW to ensure the new design supports WWE’s operational needs and brand ideals.