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Corner view of a modern office building at dusk, showcasing a juxtaposition of robust square architecture with reflective glass windows, set against a softening twilight sky.
Corner view of a modern office building at dusk, showcasing a juxtaposition of robust square architecture with reflective glass windows, set against a softening twilight sky.

The Medicines Co. Global Center

The Medicines Company's Zurich office, located in a 1930s Modernist bank, combines historical architecture with modern office design.

Size 60,000 sf

Location Zurich, CH

Services Brand Experience, Interior Design, Lighting

Sectors Life Sciences, Workplace

Open foyer with polished green marble flooring, featuring a central white pedestal and an adjacent minimalist reception desk with embossed detail. An elegant spiral staircase ascends on the right, contrasting with the understated modern design and natural light flooding the space.

HLW managed the building search and selection, landing this unique space that includes original bank vaults repurposed into intriguing design elements. The renovation involved critical structural changes such as adapting a central staircase and enhancing below-ground levels with modern cooling and ventilation systems previously absent. The design offers a flexible, open-plan workspace that accommodates growth, featuring a central hub for business and social interactions, including a lounge and cafeteria. Large windows enrich the above-ground floors with natural light, creating an inviting environment. This space also serves as an effective hub for visiting executives and office-based staff, supported by amenities like a large fitness center.

Historic bank building’s original vaults and structural elements integrated into the modern design.

Strategic upgrades to provide modern amenities like air conditioning and natural lighting.

Creation of a flexible, open-plan workspace that supports both social interaction and business operations.

Elegant spiral staircase with white balustrades creating a visually striking contrast against the dark polished stone flooring. The design offers a seamless flow through the levels, complemented by abundant natural light reflecting off the crisp, clean lines.
Modern staircase in a contemporary space with floating wooden steps, glass balustrades, and a vertical garden, complemented by minimalist seating and a statement lighting fixture.
Modern interior featuring contrast between dark upholstered banquettes and white Eames-style chairs. A prominent white pillar stands center, flanked by sleek pendant lighting, underlining the minimalistic aesthetic with a monochrome color scheme highlighted by the warm glow of recessed LED strips.
Spacious modern conference room featuring an elongated, polished wooden table, surrounded by black leather chairs, accentuated by a striking linear suspended LED lighting fixture and textured concrete walls.
Minimalist office space with sleek, monochrome furniture. Overhead, cone-shaped pendant lights punctuate the room, complementing the continuous strand of LED strip lighting that frames the ceiling's contours. An expansive planter of verdant greenery breathes life into the otherwise monochromatic palette.
Spiral staircase with white balustrades and steps; below, a patterned emerald floor gives an impression of depth, enhancing the sculptural quality of the architecture.
Minimalist conference room bathed in natural light, featuring a sleek white table, turquoise Eames-style chairs, dark textured carpeting, and a discreet ceiling-mounted projector.

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