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2018 Staff Promotions

David Swartz, Senior Partner

David Swartz is promoted to Senior Partner. This promotion follows another great accomplishment; David was made an AIA Fellow earlier this year. David has been with the firm since 1995 and was made a partner in 2000. While at HLW, he received the AIA National Young Architect Award in 1998. He is licensed in 18 states, has taught at the University of Southern California, is a Master Commissioner for the California Architects Board since 1994, and has been a member of the University of Southern California Architectural Guild Board since 2015. David is a hands on mentor and has been involved in a very large body of HLW’s work globally. While at HLW he has been involved in over 30 design awards attributed to HLW projects.

David resides in the LA office and has been a strong proponent of an integrated approach to working on projects globally, especially with the Shanghai office. He is considered a voice for Design, Technology, and Management, seeing them as equals. We are both proud and excited about David stepping into the role of Senior Partner and look forward to a strong presence in 2018 for Design and Delivery.



Cristen Colantoni, Principal

Cristen Colantoni is promoted to Principal. In her tenure with the firm, which spans over 16 years, she has performed many roles with increasing levels of responsibility and regular success. Be it as a designer, project manager, relationship builder, global connector, leader or mentor, she makes it look effortless in a way that raises the bar for all of us. She leads, and has grown, some of the firm’s most significant client relationships, most recently on a global level, while never losing site of the needs of her teams. Truly passionate about the future of HLW, she invests herself everyday in the improvement of the firm.



Debra Cole, Principal

Debra Cole is promoted to Principal. Debra joined HLW in the early part of 2013 as a Client Relations Director to spearhead the development and implementation of new business strategies, sourcing new contacts, generating opportunities, and raising awareness of HLW in the NY marketplace. She has both brought and built a strong and diverse network of contacts in the industry. Debra currently serves on the Board of Directors for the New York City Chapter of CoreNet, as well as the Board of Directors for both CREW NY & the Women’s Builders Council, and is an active member of IFMA and New York Building Congress, to name a few. Internally, she has contributed to concerted efforts with the other Associate Principals for the Mentorship Program, PULSE, and driving our HLW concierge experience. She is a role model and exemplifies a professionalism that is unmatched.



Adam Strudwick, Principal

Adam Strudwick is promoted to Principal. Adam’s commitment to HLW is an invaluable asset to the London office and the firm as a whole. In his role as Associate Principal, he has actively participated in all of the tasks they have taken on. His commitment to the firm crosses all areas of the business from project work through to business development, marketing and business performance. We look forward to him joining the Principal group to continue to grow as a valued team member and leader of our business.



Lee Devore, Associate Principal

Lee Devore is promoted to Associate Principal. In his 6 years at HLW, he has entrenched himself as a highly valuable team member but is perhaps most recognized for his talents as a forward thinker. With a keen understanding of the entire delivery process he effortlessly brings together in-house teams, consultants, and contractors while leading clients to physically realize our most technically and creatively challenging ideas. He continuously “thinks big”, challenging assumptions and asking “what if”. Lee is interested in innovating at all levels while also nurturing and mentoring his teams.



Mat Triebner, Associate Principal

Mat Triebner is promoted to Associate Principal. Mat embodies everything we look for in an emerging leader; forward thinking, pushing the boundaries, and a genuine desire to mentor and grow HLW. While Mat has only recently taken on the role of Director of Strategy & Discovery, he is building on the great talent of our current team and looking forward to how we can expand the business, make it sustainable and relevant. Mat’s commitment to excellence is seen in everything he does, from his relentless resolve to continuously improve HLW to helping clients challenge the status quo. His enthusiasm for our clients, our work, and his colleagues is infectious. Mat’s experience, global outlook, and forward thinking demeanor will be a tremendous asset to the leadership of HLW.


Additional Promotions

Senior Associate

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