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COVID Perspective

HLW's Response to Coronavirus

HLW is one of the oldest continuously operating architectural firms in the United States.
Established in 1885, we have adapted to a changing world over the decades.

Resiliency is in our DNA.

As we approach these uncertain times, we will continue to look forward, innovate, and serve our clients with exceptional design.

Supporting our Clients

At HLW, we’re helping our clients respond to today’s challenges and prepare for both the short-term and long-term effects of coronavirus. See how we’re planning for healthy spaces today, tomorrow, and in the future at the link below.


Touchpoints from Home to Office

This light-hearted infographic highlights safety principles that can be applied for any public outing.


Sector Insights

Observations and strategies for different sectors to consider during coronavirus.


Cultural Resilience in Times of Disruption

We hosted a virtual roundtable with some of our clients to discuss what it means to be a resilient organization and methods to strengthen cultural resilience.

See our takeaways from the roundtable here.

Statement about COVID-19

How HLW is addressing the current coronavirus situation.


Leading with Compassion

HLW is proud to have donated 100 N95 respirator masks to Elmhurst Hospital, which has been deemed the COVID-19 “ground zero” in New York City. We hope to continue to support efforts to combat the current situation.

Response to COVID-19

Our immediate response to coronavirus.