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Higher Education Insights During COVID

Let's get Back to School

HLW’s Higher Education Team is supporting institutional leadership as they approach this crisis not as architects looking to build, but as design professionals asking questions and developing solutions to support students, faculty, and administrators.

Our priority is not necessarily to build new spaces for learning in the face of the COVID pandemic, but instead to take a holistic approach to develop strategies that adapt existing environments.

Insights from the team

Students Voice Their Ideas About Returning to Campus

We highlight students’ attitudes about returning to campus in this infographic.


Are Students Ready to Return to Campus in the Fall?

In a nationwide survey, we asked students if they’re ready to return to school.


Supporting our Higher Education Clients

See our strategies and insights for supporting our Higher Education clients today and in the long-term.


Higher Education in the Time of COVID

What does the future of learning environments look like? See our thoughts on campus design.


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