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Environmental Graphics & Wayfinding

Almost 60% of people don’t know what their company stands for

Employees often tell us that they don’t know what makes their company different from their competition and really care about feeling connected to their brand. Environmental graphics are an economical, high impact way for your people to identify with your mission and values.

Knowing where you are

Environmental graphic design is about knowing where you are. From the sign pointing you towards reception to the logo on the wall, environmental graphic design gives the context needed to help orient you in a space as well as connect you to it.

What’s it like working with us day-to-day

Our work tells your story. We start by getting to know you and then customize our solutions to suit your goals, culture, and vision. Our process takes you from meeting to move-in.

Words last, fonts don’t

A tricky element of branding is ensuring the design ages well. While the sentiment behind a company’s values is timeless, posting those values on a wall in the font of the moment, runs the risk of dating a space. This is where taking a creative approach to integrating your text-based content comes in.

Featured Projects

Financial Client

The imagery of their company vision is the Japanese version of an Abacus, which HLW designed to provide inspiration for the main lobby, where a custom abacus piece was crafted from brass and walnut

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Willis Towers Watson

HLW are currently working with Willis Towers Watson to provide a fresh new headquarters, creating a new workplace with refreshed amenity spaces

View Project Amsterdam

HLW worked with on this large scale phased refurbishment, which was an exciting opportunity to work with this technology/travel firm who are constantly striving to push the boundaries of their workspaces and this next step lead the way for their other global offices

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