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HLW Announces Ed Shim as Managing Director of NY Headquarters

HLW has announced the appointment of Ed Shim, Principal, to Managing Director of their New York headquarters.

“Ed represents our new generation of leaders who understand the balance between the partnership’s legacy and the need to continuously reinvent ourselves,” Managing Partner Susan Boyle says. “We are excited to have him focused on our New York practice and participate with the firm’s leadership on a global level.”

“We are looking forward to raising the bar,” adds Managing Partner John Gering. “We see the characteristics of a good leader as someone who creates and inspires a vision for the future, while also motivating people to engage with that vision. Ed has clearly demonstrated these qualities.”

Shim, who has been with the firm since 2005, attributes his tenure to HLW’s community of talented designers and the promotion of innovative design thinking. With over 19 years’ experience, Shim is eager to hit the ground running, placing a greater focus on employee and client experience. “I envision moving forward in this role by capitalizing on our people’s strengths, by continuing to strive for quality, and by focusing on design excellence, while enhancing the client experience through the continued integration of evolving technology and our creative ideas,” says Shim.

Urby at Harborside

Shim’s diverse background and wide range of projects have helped expand HLW’s breadth of work, specifically in the Multifamily High-Rise Residential sector. Shim’s achievements in building and strengthening relationships, along with consistent delivery for developers and land owners has led to a deep involvement particularly in the Jersey City market place.

There is no greater visual example of this than the recently completed Jersey City Urby at Harborside, a 713 foot tall 69-story residential tower co-developed by Ironstate Development and Mack-Cali Realty Corp. HLW was brought on as Executive Architect for Urby, now one of the tallest buildings in Jersey City. Under Shim’s leadership, HLW is working on multiple commercial office and multi-family residential projects contributing to the emerging and evolving skyline along the New Jersey waterfront.

In addition, Shim has continued to help grow HLW’s Higher Education portfolio. Hofstra University, Long Island, is scheduled to open the Zarb School of Business in 2018, a 52,000 sf building including a Business Incubator. This project is the third collaboration between Hofstra and HLW, who completed the second phase of the Hofstra School of Medicine in 2016, which speaks to Shim’s focus on establishing a trust with clientele, thereby leading to repeat business.


Hofstra University School of Medicine

“Ed possesses a great understanding of how to balance the business and artistic aspects of architecture, along with being very attuned to the ongoing professional development of our staff,” says Patrick Kinzler, CFO. Shim is looking to the future with a shared commitment from the firm’s leaders to focus on HLW’s primary asset, their people. “Investing in our people leads to a higher level of dedication by all which, in turn, contributes to enhancing the level of service to our clients,” says Shim. “We are always looking for unique ways to evolve as an organization while developing opportunities for our people so that the individuals’ career goals and our overall firm’s goals are aligned and are at the peak of our interests.”