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HLW Halloween Party 2018 from the eyes of a newbie!

The HLW London team

My introduction to HLW coincided with the run up to the renowned Halloween party in which industry colleagues gather in a spooky location for a party celebrating existing and future relationships.  With clients, project managers, contractors, and client design teams all getting into the best dressed competition, it did not disappoint!


Full costume participation from guests made for a visual spectacle with anything from pigeons, to the Addams Family, fairy tale creatures, and classic horror characters.  The HLW team’s theme this year was ‘Death at the Disco’ and involved various looks from ‘disco inferno’ to literally ‘death at the disco’.  The best dressed award this year went to ISG, who were very creepy clowns, with close runners up Willis Towers Watson as a full on troop of Minions and Overbury as ‘Dead Disney’.


A highlight of the night was the HLW team dance to ‘Night Fever’ and after all the rehearsals, it was good fun managing to pull it off on the day!  I am already wondering what next year has in store…

To see more photos head to HLW’s Facebook page.


Author: Louis Bibby, Senior Designer at HLW London