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HLW NYC Moves to 5 Penn Plaza

After over three decades on 5th Avenue, HLW is relocating our headquarters to a new space that reflects our brand and culture, while creating an environment that continues to support new ideas and objectives.
Follow our journey to the new office at 5 Penn Plaza and see the exciting changes we are making.

Simple and timeless, the design strikes a balance between past and future, acknowledging HLW’s history as one of the longest practicing architectural firms in the United States.


The new office combines a personal and flexible experience with an agile, amenity-rich environment.


Building on a long tradition of leading our clients into the future, we are expanding our use of digital and physical tools to bring ideas to life.


The new space will comply with sustainability and wellness standards with an emphasis on materials, light, water and air quality.


Three exposures with large windows provide abundant daylight and views to all of the studios. Natural light is complemented by volumetric LED lighting that adjusts to changing conditions to provide a visually effective work environment and energy efficiency.


Our new home at 5 Penn Plaza marks our 5th location in NYC since 1885. We are excited to be a part of the growth of the energetic and revitalizing neighborhood of Manhattan West for many years to come.