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Brooklyn Steel

Brooklyn Steel

Using music and sound as inspiration, HLW is working with Bowery Presents to create a premier event space in the East Williamsburg area of Brooklyn. Located in a 20,000 sf former steel fabrication warehouse, the design retains the raw, industrial quality of the existing structure. This provided the designers with an opportunity to contrast the old, such as exposed brick, steel, and corrugated metal with new polished materials such as glass, tile, and stone.

With a fully re-configurable stage, the venue will accommodate approximately 2,000 people and incorporates a vibrant yellow color as a wayfinding element and recalls the very idea of sound itself—the “loud” yellow, against the “quiet” of the dark greys and black. The new space will include a double-height pre-function space with a bar, exterior courtyard, multi-tiered acoustically tuned performance hall, two auditorium bars, green rooms for the visiting musicians, and ancillary support spaces. Local artists will be enlisted to create unique environments in various spaces throughout the venue. The building will feature a unique green roof system over the music hall to mitigate sound transmission outside the building.

This exciting new music venue promises to attract visitors, artists, and musicians from near and far.

Date: November 14, 2018