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Capital One Cafe 56

Capital One Cafe 56

As the latest renovated building at the West Creek campus, Café 56 builds on Capital One’s continued focus to showcase workplace amenities on the campus. Café 56 is a bold statement emerging between two brick office buildings. The structure engages with light through the use of a double height front façade with a rising angled roof elevated by glazing on both sides. The glass façade leads the visitor through a light-filled entry into a bustling urban marketplace. An operable glass wall across the entire façade opens to the exterior landscape.

Café 56 encourages discovery presenting opportunities for users to explore new foods while having planned as well as chance encounters with colleagues. The primary focus and main activity zone is the “Service Island” which is defined by a floating bulkhead composed of backlit glass bottles, locally sourced reclaimed barn-wood, and painted with the names of surrounding Richmond neighborhoods.

The large hall is scaled down into smaller zones providing a range of experiences. The raised “Porch” functions as the gathering zone with two-story windows, large, locally sourced communal tables and the opportunity to connect with the outdoors. The “International Food Area” is defined by a wood framed niche with views into the prep kitchen. The “Juice Bar” provides farm-to-table refreshments with bar-height seating and views of the overall space. Super graphics provide vertical features that draw the visitor’s attention to the various zones and food experiences Café 56 has to offer.

Date: April 25, 2017