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Capital One London

Capital One London

HLW designed a flexible London office for Capital One in the White Collar Factory to aid staff attraction and retention and help them to strengthen their presence in the city. The scheme offers work areas for 250 people, with a social hub, touch down areas, a connecting stair plus both formal & informal meeting rooms.

HLW have worked with Capital One in multiple locations in the UK and USA. As their business is evolving, it is imperative that they not only have spaces that support this, but that are easily adaptable for any future developments in their company. HLW have carried out deep strategic analysis work to make sure that the spaces we design are in line with the current work that Capital One does and the future vision that it has. These strategic investigations, such as the space utilization studies, also ensure that Capital One’s real estate works hard for the company and that all of the spaces are used to their optimum efficiency, which can result in a reduction of overhead costs.

Flexibility and functionality are the two most important factors in a Capital One workspace.  Moveable walls, integrated technology, varieties of working areas and a mixture of low tech & high tech features combine to accomplish this and support the exciting work they do.

Date: October 29, 2018