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Fidessa sought an architecture design firm to assist them with their relocation from downtown Manhattan to 80,000 sf in Jersey City, NJ. Fidessa was currently located on multiple floors in a downtown high rise which siloed their groups and didn’t line up with the company’s vision or European roots. In their new home in Jersey City they occupy 1.5 floors of open floor with no private offices including the executives. HLW was brought on after the space in Jersey City was selected and we worked with Fidessa to quickly program their new space. The process started with a swift, deep dive series of Discovery workshops with the Fidessa Steering Committee, then quickly progressed into design sessions, construction documentation and finally construction. The time frame for this process from the first program meeting to move-in was approximately 9 months.

Fidessa has three major groups with varying  needs that we needed to accommodate: developers, technical, client support along with smaller groups of sales, finance and project managers to name a few. The developers required quiet, focused space while the tech group needed a workplace that allowed for teaming and interaction and the support team required a enclosed, secure space for 50+. Fidessa is also a group that enjoys each other’s company and wanted to provide gaming space, good food and coffee and a space for entertaining both their employees and clients.

What HLW developed for Fidessa was an open floor plan with series of open workstation pods with movable sit-stand desk to allowed for the end users to reconfigure their pods based on the team’s need. Each pod was originally designed as 6-9 person. However, while working with the individual groups the pod sizes for some groups, such as the tech group and sales team, increased to an upwards of 20+ allowing for ultimate flexibility. In order to achieve this we created pods with only a perimeter of low furniture system partitions and a grid of power/data floor boxes to allow for reconfiguration of desks by the individual teams.  There are plenty of phone, focus, huddle rooms and comfortable nooks for people to go to have VC meetings, private conversations or work sessions sprinkled thought the floors.

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Date: November 3, 2018