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Google 111 Eighth Ave Daydream

Google 111 Eighth Ave Daydream

For this project, HLW focused on three key design features throughout the workspace. Inspired by 60s to 80s sci-fri works, the design embraces a retro look and feel – colors of old 3D glasses, low poly, etc. Each element of the design including lines, surfaces and all dimensions visually connect the virtual world to reality.

This new home of Daydream will enable end-users to collaborate in their VR themed “living room” for meetings, working or playing, with tiered seating and the adjacent open VR lab. The space is a combination of heads-down work zones, meeting rooms, VR/UXS labs, ideation space and other supporting spaces. The enclosed spaces along the primary circulation route minimize distractions in the assigned work areas.

Users will experience VR related visual effects throughout the space. Using a visual language to create an intuitive way-finding system, all meeting rooms and phone rooms have low poly-themed door graphics, while all VR/UXR labs have graphics of perspective grids. The color palette of furniture and acoustic treatments are inspired by the Daydream brand.

Date: November 14, 2018