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Google 111 Eighth Ave Fitness, Wellness + Message

Google 111 Eighth Ave Fitness, Wellness + Message

The Wellness Center at this technology giant’s northeast regional campus is designed to support their culture of a healthy life balance. Their main ethos is that healthy and happy team members will result in a more productive and innovative organization.

The Wellness center is designed to support every stage of a healthy life cycle from education to fitness to wellness, embracing traditional and alternative approaches to staying fit, managing stress, and proactive health management. To support this philosophy, the Wellness suite is made up of three primary areas: medical, fitness, and spa. The medical suite has a residential-style lobby to provide a comfortable wait experience and exams rooms to support a resident physician, consulting physicians, phlebotomist and chiropractor. The fitness suite houses a group fitness room, a cardio/strength training area and supporting locker rooms. The spa suite supports the educational component of the wellness center along with multiple massage rooms and a detox area.

The entire Wellness suite is organized by the five elements of ancient Eastern philosophy – metal, wood, water, fire and earth, with the goal of providing a truly significant departure from the workplace and a real sense of a tranquil retreat.

Date: November 14, 2018