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Alcatel-Lucent / Nokia Bell Labs

Alcatel-Lucent / Nokia Bell Labs

Nokia (recently acquired by Alcatel-Lucent) had a vision for its Mountain Avenue campus, previous site of the Bell Labs “Idea Factory,” (also originally designed by HLW) involving the repurpose of underutilized office and laboratory space. The resultant master plan celebrates the history of the company and site, unifies the campus, and provides amenities for the many individuals visiting, collaborating and innovating on the grounds.

The project removed buildings and created in this new open space a revitalized and integrated campus landscape. A new café and plaza now overlook a tiered amphitheater. Transistor Way is a Birch tree lined walkway extending from the stage to a grotto-like sitting nook. It provides optimal views over the terraces. The cross campus walk, which follows a route from one end of the site, through the cafeteria, to the other side, succeeds in unifying the campus.

HLW created an artful tribute garden for the seven Nobel laureates, winners of the award while working on the grounds. This garden consists of a series of nodes connected by serpentine walks through rolling green hills. HLW intended this unique space to be a place for repose and a respite from the surrounding offices, as well as an informal meeting spot.

Date: November 3, 2018