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Tech Client

Tech Client

HLW were tasked with creating a new state of the art campus style workplace for this confidential technology company in their new London home. A sense of connectivity, both technologically and socially, was highly important so that whilst the floors and teams within them had their own separate identities they also felt linked with the community as a whole.

One way in which this was achieved is that the shared common spaces which join the main areas have been designed to facilitate agile working, collaboration and relaxation. There is an overall thread that runs throughout the design, promoting continuity on a large scale, whilst each ‘neighborhood’ has its own unique elements. In the different ‘neighborhoods’ the HLW team have designed variable and flexible elements that encourage the different departments within the company to personalize their space, changing it as projects turn over and teams evolve.

The brand of the company has been subtly incorporated into the space along with integrated technology that enables flexible working and workplace efficiency. As
HLW believes that the wellbeing, retention and attraction of staff is paramount to a happy and productive office, the team ensured that access to natural light, biophillia, and spaces to enjoy a relaxing break were built into the foundations of the design.

Date: August 29, 2016