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Time Inc.

Time Inc.

HLW was engaged by Time Inc. to reimagine and transform their existing 2-floor office space into an open office environment with a diversity of spaces. The overall footprint was reduced and the designers were guided by new corporate standards that removed and reduced perimeter private offices, and added meeting, amenity, and gathering spaces.

An important aspect of the design for the client was to create an identity specific to the local team’s west-coast location. The removal of the perimeter offices now allows for 360 degree views of the city. The inspiration of the color palette draws on these views, creating a soft and comfortable west-coast inspired backdrop to the space.

A key goal in the new open office environment is to encourage cross-department connectivity, while balancing the need for both collaboration and heads-down focused work. “Neighborhoods” were created with smaller clusters of workstations alternating at 90 degrees offset by groupings of soft seating. Key amenity, meeting, and focus spaces are dispersed throughout the two floors. The reception is on the upper level with an all hands pantry nearby so that previously unused terrace can be accessed from this main point of entry. An adjacent board room that can open into the space for large gatherings, along with ample seating for everyday use as well as town hall meetings. This move also created an interesting design challenge: how to make prominent, a connecting lobby stair which leads down rather than up.

The team accomplished this design challenge with the design of a feature wall/ceiling element which projected from behind and above the reception desk, across the lobby and down the stair, in order to naturally draw the eye to the connecting lower level. This design element is critical to the interconnectivity of the floors, as it brings prominence to the central destination of the lower level: a brand new, state-of-the-art photo and video studio with an adjacent pantry and game area.

Date: November 14, 2018