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Truth Initiative

Truth Initiative

As the largest nonprofit organization in America dedicated to stopping smoking, the Truth Initiative recently went through a re-branding effort and sought a new space that reflected the new culture of their organization. Seeking a youthful and vibrant feeling that was in keeping with the organization’s goal of stopping tobacco use in teenagers, the new open workspace, bright colors and fun graphics over 3 floors, conveys their message immediately upon entering the space.

Printed on the main wall of the feature stair located in the reception is the organization’s mission statement – a reminder to both staff and visitors alike of the importance of their mission – to achieve a culture where all youth and young adults reject tobacco.

The need to accommodate a diverse staff—from researchers to administrative support in addition to varied visitors including United States Senators to local students—was a key factor in the design. Walls for perimeter offices and all conference rooms incorporate glass walls to increase light while providing transparency. Smaller huddle rooms are placed throughout the space to allow for quiet moments and private conversations. A central stair connects the floors allowing for collaborative collisions. A main town hall space hosts group activities and larger gatherings.

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Date: April 10, 2017