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The new UPS “Campus of the Future” will contain 200,000 sf of Class A office area, including a diverse offering of conference and assembly spaces, on four floors. Central to this approach for a collaborative, high-tech work environment is the idea that the ground-up facility is an opportunity for implementing progressive workplace practices and technologies within a highly branded environment. As per our client’s “IT Design Vision,” the new office will demonstrate innovation, while reinforcing core UPS ideas about openness, community, quality, and efficiency.

Consistent with our client’s emphasis on interdisciplinary/departmental collaboration, the architectural design supports knowledge sharing among employees. “Neighborhoods” within the office will contain a variety of formal conferencing spaces and informal meeting areas, such as lounges, coffee bars, and indoor/outdoor open seating arrangements. Break and social areas will have evolving exhibits about the company’s culture and technological innovations. A large lecture hall will double as an “occasion” room for formal meetings with visiting dignitaries. The reception area will have similar dual uses, as a welcoming introduction to the UPS facility and as a space to display UPS technology.

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Date: August 18, 2016