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ARK Strategy + Research

Enhancing the End-User Experience

HLW’s Strategy + Research team ARK provides the foundation for a space strategy that reflects the unique, core business objectives of your organization while supporting the functional demands of your workforce. HLW has assisted many of our clients with all aspects of their strategic plans, standards and guidelines development. It is our belief that of particular importance is the ability to translate and incorporate the vision, brand and culture as defined by you into the physical environment, enhancing the end-user experience.

Transforming Visions Into Experiences

Our first priority is to understand who you are today and where you want to be in the future. By posing important questions and employing measured and interactive techniques and tools, we unearth the inspirations and constraints that enable company visions and values to transform into real experiences. Our Strategy and Discovery process develops the road map to help our clients align business goals, position property and businesses, understand performance metrics, navigate design decisions and build culture.

Featured Projects

Truth Initiative

Truth Initiative’s new office inspires staff and visitors alike by showcasing the organization’s mission and values

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Willis Towers Watson

New Design Standards and Guidelines establishes cohesive global work environments while still allowing local autonomy

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Wakefern’s comprehensive workplace strategy identifies real estate reduction and establishes corporate-wide standards

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