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The Future of How We Use Offices

We want to hear from the people who know the sector best.

How do we really use the modern workplace; what do we now expect from offices and is the industry adapting to meet the changing demands of workers?  For example, does co-working help you meet more business contacts? Would you prefer to work nearer to home?  That’s what we hope to discover with our Flexible Workspace Survey.

The survey should take around five minutes to complete, whether you’re:

  • An end user of co-working or flexible space
  • Someone responsible for procuring office space
  • A landlord or a developer
  • A provider of co-working or flexible space

Start the Survey Here!

Your feedback will help us gain valuable insights, with results being released later in the year. The goal is to analyse whether the quality of workspace matches the expectation of occupiers and what more, as an industry, we can do to improve.

HLW in partnership with Instant Offices

HLW partnered with Instant Offices to bring you this survey.


Author: Pete Bacevice, HLW Director of Research