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Established in 1885

What drives us


Our mission at HLW is to question the norm, design with passion, and build what’s next. We were established in 1885 and have continuously evolved to stay at the forefront of architecture and design. From designing the first dedicated telephone building in New York City to our current work with mega tech companies, HLW has a legacy of combining elegant aesthetics with innovative technologies.

What we do best


We like to say at HLW that our work tells your story. With this in mind, we avoid a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We believe that by developing a deep knowledge of your organization and where it aims to be in the future, we can deliver a space that reflects your mission, culture, and values.

Who we are

Meet The Team

HLW has assembled a global team of creatives, thought provokers, designers, and doers. We continually challenge ourselves to reach beyond their imagination to create places that enhance the user experience.

HLW's Sustainability Action Plan

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HLW is committed to the Architecture 2030 Challenge of achieving ambitious energy reduction targets and being carbon neutral by 2030. We have developed our Sustainability Action Plan as a framework to create innovative and sustainable solutions that meet our client’s business goals, while providing a workplace beneficial to employees and protective of our planet.

Diversity and Inclusion

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HLW’s Diversity and Inclusion policy is a key part of our Equity program, a chief pillar of our overall guiding social responsibility principles that extends through our culture and firm-wide initiatives.

We believe in the fair and just treatment of all people- regardless of race, age, gender identity, physical ability, religion, or sexual orientation. By focusing on creating opportunities for all, we foster a culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion in all interactions with our people, our communities, and our work. of our planet.