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3 Pillars of CSR

Our mission is to be a force for positive change in the communities we serve.

We believe that through a diverse range of initiatives and actions, we can make real change happen.

Through communication and engagement with our people, fostering partnerships with our local and global communities, and supporting our goals through practice, we will make a meaningful impact on our world.

Our Pillars

We aim to expand trust, raise awareness, act with integrity, and encourage positive social change by enumerating HLW’s goals and reporting criteria, with regards to our responsibility for Equity, the Environment, and Philanthropy, as integral parts of the day-to-day operations of our firm.


Equity at HLW is centered on being fair and just in the treatment of all people. Our focus is on creating opportunities for all, while striving for diversity and inclusion in all interactions with our people, our communities, and our work.


Philanthropy works on both a local and global scale. It is supporting, giving and working to have a meaningful, tangible impact on our communities, and use our combined skills as designers and architects to improve the lives of others.


Environment is focused on designing for climate change, resilience, and human health, comfort and wellness while addressing the needs of all people and impacts on their communities.