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What We Do


Innovation in business is the core driver of growth, performance and valuation. Innovative strategies and business solutions are a sought after product of human creativity, intelligence and persistence. HLW believes design is an inclusive process and one that connects people with the physical environment.

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We know that design can have a positive impact on the health & well-being of individuals and communities by being authentic, thoughtful, and inventive. The design of space should be compelling, beautiful and responsive to the variety of people who inhabit it.

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The Landscape Architecture Studio is a group of landscape architects, planners, and architects providing quality, focus, and individual service to our clients while utilizing the staff, management, and technical resources of our larger organization.

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HLW’s Strategy & Discovery provides the foundation for a space strategy that reflects the unique, core business objectives of your organization while supporting the functional demands of your workforce. HLW has assisted many of our clients with all aspects of their strategic plans, standards and guidelines development.

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Our sustainability experts play a key role in helping a client weigh the benefits of complying with the requirements of a rating system or developing their own sustainability approach; our advice is specific and strategic.

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Environmental Graphics & Wayfinding

At HLW we’re architects and interior designers first and we have been designing buildings for over 134 years, so we get how people move through space. Oftentimes, environmental graphics, such as wayfinding and branding, are treated as a surface-level application – a sticker. But with our background in design, strategy, and research, HLW’s team ensures every aspect of your space is custom-built to be easy to navigate and feel like you.

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