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Expo Station

Expo Station

This project is an 80,000 sf new building with a simple, elegant design, maximizing value driven design and materials. The building is 2 floors of parking in an exposed concrete structure with 3 wood framed floors of creative office above. The structure is primarily wood framed, including major beams, recalling the warmth and texture of old warehouse buildings in the area that have been converted to creative office over the years.

Building orientation, material selections and landscaping all thoughtfully integrate sustainable features while keeping budget in mind. The building takes advantage of the long North-South axis of the property incorporating terraces the length of the building on east and west sides as one of many common amenities, creating an exciting indoor-outdoor relationship. Combined with tall ceilings, natural light through the extensive use of openable multi-panel doors and skylights, it creates a warm and inviting place to work or hang out. The North and South ends of the building are all glass and feel very open, providing a welcoming entrance with the ground floor double height lobbies.

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Date: October 29, 2018