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YouTube Chelsea Market 5th Floor

YouTube Chelsea Market 5th Floor

HLW designed professional-grade production and support spaces/equipment for emerging and established online content “creators.” With access to sound and green-screen stages, state-of-the-art recording and post-production video/audio edit capabilities, and areas for wardrobe, makeup, and equipment distribution, creative individuals have the human and technological resources to be ambitious in developing and realizing their ideas.

Central to the design concept, this space is also about congregating and learning with fellow creators and industry professionals. Workshops on creative strategy and audience development are held in the training areas. From cozy meeting areas to elevated lookouts, a multitude of touchdown and teaming spaces are available for collaboration.

We also created a custom workshop experience designed to help brands grow their brand-building capabilities. This space provides the resources and environment to support partnerships in advancing digital strategies for brand development online. The workshop space, with its “campfire” and cozy seating, is ideal for informal discussions and gatherings. The NanoKitchen is for snacking and “kitchen table” discussions. And, four distinct breakout areas provide space for brainstorming.

Date: November 14, 2018