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555 Aviation

555 Aviation

For a long time the building functioned as Xerox corporate offices. The structure is currently being converted into a creative office campus.

The property is designed to be flanked by pedestrian connected corridors to the east and west that serve as visual barriers between pedestrian and automobiles. The pedestrian-friendly creative campus also has access portals that act as entry beacons, to facilitate visual orientation and walking connectivity. 555 Aviation is also a pet-friendly creative campus with an array of integrated amenities embedded within drought tolerant landscape surroundings to make sure it embraces El Segundo weather.

The north and south sides of the property has walkable winding paths that help interconnect tenant private patios within the campus. Carefully located private patios help tenants host their own internal activities within the complex. The project has been carefully divided by activity type zones to make sure everyone has their own space. Also, open courtyards serve as community programmable multi-use outside rooms.

Date: March 19, 2019