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Private Wealth and Asset Management Client

Private Wealth and Asset Management Client

HLW were appointed as lead design consultants for this major relocation project.  The project comprised designing new premises for two business groups that had outgrown their shared office facilities in the City and wanted to create a purpose built office to reflect their brand values and an environment commensurate with the nature of their businesses.

Our end-user clients wanted to create office space that better reflected the nature of their work and the expectations of their staff and clients, to provide a smart and sophisticated working environment that engenders a collaborative culture and which is reflective of their brand. Separate working floors and client spaces were developed for the two business groups, with an overarching style in line with their corporate design guidelines, but with the challenge of incorporating subtle differences in colour palette and materials to distinguish each brand.

This was achieved by working closely with our clients from the very beginning, understanding what needed to be consistent across both businesses and what needed to be unique; then working hard to create a high quality workplace with a high degree of attention to detail, resulting in environments that reflect the distinct personality of each business, whilst enhancing the parent company’s brand and design approach.

Date: January 4, 2018