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BEYOND: Sustainability

Who are we?

BEYOND is HLW’s internal built environment consultancy that helps create places that are sustainable and resilient. At BEYOND, we transcend project goals in order to maximize value for clients, repair ecology, reduce carbon, and improve occupant health and wellness. Go BEYOND with us.

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Go Beyond With Us

Sustainability is integral to every aspect of our design solutions. It is scalable and positively impacts the user, interiors, building, campus, as well as the surrounding district and region. We view sustainable strategies as interconnected, whether they are about energy and water usage, material optimization, or health and wellness.

Our expertise includes:

  • Expertise across international green building and wellness rating systems
  • Building performance analysis
  • Material health consulting
  • Net zero waste, energy and water
  • Customizable sustainability solutions

Employing Design Analytics

We employ building design analytics to maximize occupant comfort and reduce operating costs. That includes:

  • Views Analysis – Visually connecting occupants to the outdoors
  • Biophilic Design – Integrating nature and natural systems
  • Daylight & Glare Analysis – Maximizing natural daylight while reducing glare
  • Materials – Specifying healthy and high performance materials
  • Embodied Carbon Analysis – Reducing the embodied carbon impact
  • Water Budget Assessment – Reducing consumption while maximizing performance

Sustainability Action Plan

HLW is committed to the Architecture 2030 Challenge of achieving ambitious energy reduction targets and being carbon neutral by 2030. We have developed our Sustainability Action Plan as a framework to create innovative and sustainable solutions that meet our client’s business goals, while providing a workplace beneficial to employees and protective of our planet.


Featured Projects

Everest Re

We recently worked with Everest Re on the relocation of their corporate headquarters to Warren, New Jersey.

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This global tech giant sets the standard for creative, sustainable workplaces with a focus on environmental impact.

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Kering Americas

With sustainability at the heart of Kering’s mission, their new headquarters was designed for LEED Gold certification.

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