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About HLW

Since 1885, we’ve been at the forefront design innovation. We’ve endured because we focus on asking the right questions, bringing passion to our work, and keeping an eye on the future.

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Our Mission

At HLW, our mission is to question the norm, design with passion, and build what’s next.

As creatives, strategists, designers, and doers, we’re passionate about challenging ourselves to create spaces that leave a lasting, positive impact on people and the planet, thriving on collaboration and turning big ideas into tangible realities.

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Our Design Philosophy

We believe that good design arises from inclusive and sustainable thinking, and should be dedicated to building enduring and meaningful relationships between people and the built environment. As a diverse team of architects, designers, and strategists from around the globe, we are united by a common vision: to create environments that are honest, thoughtful, effective, emotive, and relevant.

Sustainability Driven

Collaborating with our sustainability team BEYOND, we drive culture transformation and ecological impact in our projects through the following initiatives:

Sustainability Action Plan

At the heart of our sustainability efforts lies the Sustainability Action Plan. This plan serves as our guiding framework, spawning innovative and sustainable solutions that align with our clients’ business objectives.

Sustainability Action Plan

Carbon Neutrality by 2030

We are committed to the Architecture 2030 Challenge of achieving ambitious energy reduction targets and being carbon neutral by 2030.

2030 Challenge

AIA Healthy Materials Pledge

By embracing the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Healthy Materials Pledge, we champion mindful material selection, taking into account social health, equity, ecosystems, climate, and circularity. We rigorously assess materials with a strong emphasis on minimizing embodied carbon metrics.

Healthy Materials Protocol & Library

A Rich History of Innovation

Few architecture and design practices survive past the careers of their founders, and only a handful have reached the century mark. HLW, with a legacy of 140 years, stands proud as a beacon of innovation and endurance. Marrying a rich history with a relentless pursuit of innovation and creativity, HLW continues to shape the future of design.

Learn more about our history of innovation:

Our Legacy

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